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With the advent of the global digital economy, talent is becoming ever more difficult to attract and retain. Organisations, large and small, are fighting over an increasingly limited talent resource.

Moving forward, companies who get their talent strategy right, will experience deeper market penetration, increased productivity, improved profits and improved market value. In the new ‘Book of Numbers’ research from ‘The Hackett Group’ they state that by excelling in talent management, the average Fortune 500 company can generate nearly 15% improvement in Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA).

Getting your talent strategy wrong, or not investing efficiently in the correct selection, development and deployment of your talent, could affect your revenues, your ability to deliver effective customer solutions and your long-term standing in the marketplace.

At Philip Holder & Co., we provide four distinct, although not mutually exclusive, solutions designed specifically around your organisational context:


Using the most appropriate recruitment methodology is only half the battle for attracting talent. Ensuring that you have the right employer/employee branding will also ensure that your business can recruit the highest quality individuals, with the very best skills and capability, ahead of your competitors. Find out more…


Being able to quickly and efficiently Identify exactly the right talent against the right role, first time and every time will enable you to fully implement your strategic objectives faster. Find out more…


Aligning your people against your strategic goals through precise, targeted, learning interventions will enable them to perform effectively from day one, thus ensuring that you remain both competitive and attractive in the talent arena. Find out more…


Partnering with you to ensure that your overall approach to talent mirrors your strategic intent ensures that you have the right tools, the right process and the best approach to retaining hard-won talent, thereby reducing churn and recruitment spend. Find out more…

What People Have Said

  • Mark Laughton
    "I've had the pleasure of knowing Phil for over five years - both as a coach and to facilitate the development of my leadership teams. As a coach, he is a true "critical friend", challenging whilst fully supportive, and brings all his experience to help you find your own answers. As a facilitator, he brings a great positive energy combined with original thinking, which he uses to bring people together as a truly collaborative team. He is the most intuitive person I know and whenever we talk I always come away energised, with great insights and practical advice that sticks"
    Mark Laughton
    Commercial Finance Director
  • Imran Shariff
    “Philip was brought in to help execute part of the training and coaching programme for change management at BSkyB. He took on our subject areas and weaved in his own unique blend of experience and delivery skills to make a real impact. It was a pleasure working with him and I would gladly use his skills again.”
    Imran Shariff
    Project Manager
  • Ross Barnard
    “Phil's ability to provide quality solutions in a market where many promise but few truly deliver has been our reason for using his services repeatedly. This is highlighted by his high energy, creativity and ability to understand complex situations.”
    Ross Barnard
    HR Director
  • Nick Kemsley
    “Over the past several years, I have interacted with Phil both as a user of his services and in more informal circumstances. He oozes energy and positivity and has a very creative mind allied to a commercial business grounding - which makes him very entrepreneurial. Above all, Phil is one of the most intuitive and insightful individuals that I have met in the coaching arena and has an ability to cut to the root of the question in a tenth of the time of many other coaches I have encountered. From a purely business perspective, therefore, this makes him great value. From a more personal perspective, he is also a pleasure to work with. I recommend Phil to those wishing to get under the skin of what makes them tick, or where a different and creative approach is desired”
    Nick Kemsley
    Visiting Professor and Director Henley HR Centre
  • Michael Dolton
    “Phil is a dynamic and experienced, coach and trainer. He has a fantastic ability to diagnose the issues to hand, and turn around a first-class developmental experience, whether that be individual or group based.”
    Michael Dolton
    Senior Human Resources Business Partner
  • Paul Tuck
    “I am pleased to recommend Philip Holder. I have worked with Phil over several years with great success. He has always provided professional support and creative solutions that are highly valued.”
    Paul Tuck
    Talent, Learning and Leadership Specialist
  • Sally Holroyd
    “Phil is an excellent team builder and communicator. I have found his courses to be original, creative, and very useful. Having worked with Phil. It is clear, that he is at the top of his game and relishes the opportunity to help and build on employees' skills and confidence in and outside the workplace.”
    Sally Holroyd
    HR Business Partner
  • John Haskins
    “I have known Philip for over five years both personally and professionally. He is one of the most dedicated Human Resource Development Consultants in the marketplace. He combines his passion around people development with an outstanding record of achievement and an ability to get stuck into the thick of even the most complex talent situations with his ability to provide high-level guidance and support. Equally at home working one to one or engaging and developing a multifaceted team of high level 'Talented' people. I would absolutely recommend him to any organisation looking to improve their overall performance and make a difference.”
    John Haskins