We Are The Interim Specialists

Our Interim management solutions will enable your business to resolve a wide range of current challenges quickly and efficiently!

Whether those challenges relate to business transformation, change management, improving operational performance, new/existing market penetration, recruiting hard-to-find skills, training, upskilling and developing existing teams, or more specifically focusing on projects that meet short-term operational skills gaps…

We are able to quickly bring in highly experienced individuals to work alongside your existing team to apply a deep level of experience that will support even your most difficult challenges.

Business Transformation

Welcome to MimicAi™ our unique business transformation solution that accurately maps and then improves every part of your business.


We know that business success is dependent on three essential factors – People, Process and Performance – get any one of those three things wrong and business success is going to be jeopardised, yet many companies do and often without knowing the root cause.  We developed MimicAi™ to solve this problem and to ensure that all successful behaviours, functions and business execution strategies are quickly mapped in a way that can be easily transferred and then trained across the entire business.

Our unique approach ensures that even the most junior members of staff will perform at a level normally reserved for more senior and experienced personnel, without any need for extensive off-site training programmes.  We help you to map the successful processes and behaviours in a way that ensures that they become replicable and sustainable for years to come.

Boardroom Advice

We provide agile solutions geared toward resolving the challenges faced by the majority of small to medium-sized companies.

We combine rigorous business planning with our unique diagnostic tools to guarantee your future growth.

We will help you to create a relevant business dashboard to ensure you monitor every key performance indicator that will drive high performance.

We can even advise on any potential strategic funding initiatives, as well as business sales, mergers and acquisitions, in addition to us helping you form an effective exit strategy if required.


Operational Performance

We help you to define your operational procedures to be fully aligned with the concept and practicalities of your current market and business world.

We help you to create new techniques which improve contribution, increase motivation and drive organisational growth.

We use experimentation that challenges existing processes while removing the inertia of past failure and thereby encouraging new methods to emerge so that they become quickly established.


We help you to bridge any immediate skills gap by combining the latest learning theories with actual hands-on practical experience – Ensuring that your business has the capacity and capability it needs to grow.


We quickly diagnose which internal processes and systems are not contributing to your business’s overall success – And then, we help you implement far more efficient and cost-effective alternative solutions.


We work alongside your leadership team to help them more effectively navigate and control the operational transformation process – Ensuring that every step is relevant, realistic and aligned against core values and strategy.

Executive Mentoring & Coaching

We use an executive and team mentoring and coaching approach that enables people to reflect on past success, to build more robust strategies for future business and personal growth.

We provide a range of neuroscience tools that help us establish reliable benchmarks from which people can effectively navigate towards improved performance.

Using MimicAi™ We expertly replicate the best capabilities you already have across your entire workforce and then help you to generate the resources that enhance individual and collective reflection, improve idea generation and increase business success.


Transformed Businesses:

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An outstanding service that was completely aligned with our goals and objectives. We achieved a 47% increase in our turnover within just two months of working with Philip Holder & Co. I cannot thank them or recommend them enough, they are easy to work with, they are business savvy, smart, diligent and incredibly hard-working” – Christopher Palmer, former MD, Medici (Pharmaceuticals).

By leaving us with simple next steps towards our business transformation, Philip Holder & co is the right partner for us. They are a pleasure to work with. I am delighted to recommend them to those seeking a learning and development consultancy that offers keen insight, in-depth knowledge of business, and extraordinary people development.” – Peter Cummings. Group MD.