Using practical agile approaches to resolve business challenges across supply chains, operations and people management.

I specialise in providing agility-based solutions to SMEs across the UK’s service and manufacturing sectors.

Agility-based solutions help organisations to survive and thrive in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. 

At its heart are three elements that combine to make an organisation genuinely agile: its supply chain, its operational processes and its people managementEach element’s agility influences how the organisation operates and evolves in response to the ever-changing needs of its markets, customers and stakeholders.

I work alongside traditional management structures to resolve operational challenges, provide expertise in delivering transformation projects, and increase leadership capacity to reach strategic goals at crucial milestones.

I can work with your business on a project basis, as an interim on a short-medium term basis, as a non-exec director on an advisory basis, or as part of your management team on a part or full-time contract.