We quickly diagnose which internal processes and systems are not contributing to your businesses overall success – And then, we help you implement far more efficient and cost-effective alternative solutions.


We help you to bridge any immediate skills gap by combining the latest learning theories with actual hands-on practical experience – Ensuring that your business has the capacity and capability it needs to grow.


We work alongside your leadership team to help them more effectively navigate and control the operational transformation process – Ensuring that every step is relevant, realistic and aligned against core values and strategy.

Employees With Shiney Eyes!


We create environments that stimulate and challenge people to move beyond existing thinking and away from business as usual.

These experiences enable them to connect the theories and knowledge of management with the practicality of real-world situations.

We know that people learn faster when they have experienced their individual strengths, behaviours, and capabilities and then discovered how to use them effectively.


Reflection enables people to step back and analyse just how far they have already come before learning how to improve future performance.

We use neuro-science based tools to establish reliable benchmarks from which people can reflect and then improve each aspect of their professional and personal lives.

We provide the space to enhance individual and collective reflection, idea generation, practice and experimentation.


Actively testing our theories enables us to practice how they might be integrated within the concept and practicalities of the real business world.

We enable people to create new theories, practice and test new techniques which improve contribution, increase motivation and drive organisational growth.

Experimentation challenges existing behaviours whilst removing the inertia of past failure and encourages new behaviours to flourish, which are then practised in a safe, non-business-critical environment.


Improvements only come about once we have adjusted our behaviours to incorporate already tried and tested perspectives.

We help teams and individuals to identify new solutions to existing constraints by helping them to define improvements that lead to increased performance.

Our business transformation process embraces emotional intelligence, drives collective thought and enhances the personal experience of work for each employee.

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“Meeting Philip Holder, back in 2007, was life-changing – hiring him as a coach for my MD at Adidas, was the best thing I could have done, the result was that we secured our bid as top-tier partnership sponsor for the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Phil is a phenomenon! His book is like having a personal guru in your pocket and reinforces everything I know about Phil – his wisdom, his experience, his focus, his humility, his capacity for joy, fun and laughter – these qualities ooze out of every page.  Easy to follow, practical applications to real-life situations and ‘un-put-down-able, I enjoyed the learning all the way through”. – Yasmin Dewan, MD.

“By leaving us with simple next steps towards our business transformation, Philip Holder & co is the right partner for us. They are a pleasure to work with. I am delighted to recommend them to those seeking a learning and development consultancy that offers keen insight, in-depth knowledge of business, and extraordinary people development.” – Peter Cummings. Group MD.

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