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Inspiring Dynamic Organisational Change Through Transformational Talent Development


Philip is a highly engaging and accomplished senior-level business professional, with evident strength in leading organisational change, business growth and bottom-line improvements.

He has a proven track record of delivering significant revenue growth for his clients through developing innovative business, people and performance-related improvements.

With proven capabilities within Transformational Leadership, Talent Management, Recruitment, Assessment and development, he holds multiple accreditation’s across Leadership, Management, Behavioural Sciences and Executive Coaching. 


Quick Bio

My Family:  Married for 32 years to a beautiful and caring wife, three grown-up kids – and their partners/young families

My Home: Hampshire, United Kingdom.

My Company: Philip Holder & Co Ltd

My Business: Solving Business Problems

My Background: Ex Senior level/Director with more than 30+ Years in the Business world – specialising in Performance Improvement, Sales, Marketing, Communication, Learning & Development, Talent Management, Recruitment, Assessment, Attraction & Retention, Employee Engagement……

My Hobbies: Boats, D.I.Y (& D.I.Y on Boats!)

My Top Five Values: Family – Love – Integrity – Freedom – Success

Learning & Development

Growing a successful business is ultimately about how you grow and develop the most important aspect of any business, namely its people.  You can have the best products or services in the world, but without the best people to build, engage, deliver, execute, sell, market and promote them, you are not going to survive long.

People need training – full stop!

In a People focused / Customer Centric World, we need to develop those capabilities in our teams which mirror the expectations of ourselves. Our people need to be able to engage with each other, with their direct reports and with our customers without ambiguity, in an honest, professional and most importantly, in the most trusted way.

With over 30 years experience in the learning & development space, particularly focused in marketing, sales, communication, leadership and management,  I can help you build the organisation you want.

Sales & Marketing

In today’s digital based economy, growing a highly successful business requires a very different set of skills to those we used as little as two years ago.  This means that today we need to be able to adapt quickly and and effortlessly to ensure that all of our potential customers can be reached in the fastest, cheapest and most effective way.  This requires different skills, new knowledge and a whole range of new capabilities to engage on all the different potential multi-modal, and multi-level channels that are available.

It is not just about the myth of great (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation. Whilst appearing in the top 5 in any relevant Google led search, is likely to be everyone’s primary target, converting those potential customers into qualified leads is where the real strategy exists.

Only those companies who can actually reach, convert and develop strong Customer Relationships will actually survive.

It may sound obvious to many, although in practice, the majority of companies are still only scratching the surface when it comes to becoming a truly customer centric business.  Today, potential customers need to be taken on a different journey, whether that be through sales force, advertising, PR, marketing or other promotion led interventions, or simply through word of mouth.  Your Customers have more call on their time, on their resources and on their money than ever before.

Philip Holder & Co will help you fix 90% of the problems in your business…

I will help you develop your overall strategy, your people, your marketing, and your sales capability. Increasing your market share and building long-term relationships with happy, returning customers.