Emotional Intelligence Squared – The New World Of Work!

As experts in Emotional Intelligence, we specialise in Organisational, Management and Leadership Development which is designed to engage  Head & Heart – Emotional as well as Rational capability.

Emotional Intelligence is a core competency across all vocations. Improved EI supports advancement towards academic, professional and business success.

More recently due to the global COVID19 pandemic, organisations have re-defined how they operate and success will become ever more dependent on our level of Emotional Intelligence.

Making A Difference

Using our unique neurological based methodology,  we provide clients with a deep level of insight which helps them develop the specific EI capabilities which will move their companies far beyond the success of their competitors.

Our solutions specifically help define how human endeavour and organisational purpose can be combined, to create mutual benefit to the company, its employees, customers and investors.

Better Communication

Less Ambiguity

Staff Retention

Cultural Awareness

Attitudinal Awareness

Behavioural Awareness

Effective Management

Increased Flexibility

Supportive & Empowering Leadership.

Flexible & Remote Working.

Impact & Market Presence.

Customer Awareness


Reduced Anxiety & Stress

What We Do

With decades of experience in designing and delivering some of the most powerful EI learning and development solutions available, we are clearly at the front of our specialism when it comes to the business end of Emotional Intelligence.

We provide a full suite of EI profiling tools, which have been developed, proven and enhanced in the ‘field of work’ alongside global companies.

Our capability stems from decades of R&D in behavioural science coupled with delivering EI specific Learning and Development material to more than 30,000 existing and potential leaders across the world.

Our capability includes IE specific and Psychometric profiling, bespoke course L&D design and delivery, together with tailored organisational, management & leadership development programmes, full team, individual coaching, Mentoring support and EI consultancy solutions.