Welcome to Philip Holder & Co.

At Philip Holder & Co. we are very aware that in the new digital economy, Talent Management is both an exciting and a challenging place to be. We are here to work in partnership with you and to ensure that you get your talent management strategy right. We make sure that we create solutions that balance your needs, address your challenges, and fit the ongoing development of your organisation. A true consultancy service rather than a prescribed, one size fits all approach.

We use our considerable experience and expertise to navigate across the different areas of recruitment, assessment, training and retention. Whatever the challenges that your organisation is encountering, we will establish exactly where you need help and together we will find positive, results-based, cost-effective solutions. When appropriate we will also develop unique ways to meet the very particular demands of your specific organisational context.

PRISM Brain Mapping Courses

PRISM is simply the world’s most comprehensive, online neuroscience-based, behavioural mapping system.

Along with Dr Collin Wallace, Philip Holder is one of just two PRISM Certified Practitioner Trainers qualified to train and qualify practitioners here in the UK.

We run two day certified PRISM Practitioner Training programmes, every month throughout the year. Find Out More…