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Whilst I agree with Lencioni on the importance of removing these dysfunctions.  I firmly believe that today he would have to include the biggest ‘Dysfunction’ of all, that exists within nearly every team I come across and that is the

Lack of Effective Communication

The amount of poor communication across our modern business world is epic and if we don’t tackle it very soon, it will only get much worse…..

At least 70% of all the people I work with are very often feeling dis-enfranchised, disheartened, unmotivated, unloved… and worst of all…. totally dis-engaged within their work.

What can we do?

People are bombarded with messages from all over the work place as well as from the media and social media. Most of these messages are ‘headlines’ or pushed information, “telling” them stuff….

The best answer is to go back to what we used to do before we had email and text and that is to fully Engage with people as people!

  • Have a proper old-fashioned conversation, remember those?
  • Talk with them and not at them
  • Ask them open questions (Who, What, When, Where, How, Why)
  • Don’t look at your watch / Mobile / laptop / Tablet/ PC. Look at them!
  • Help them to find solutions for themselves (this is called coaching)
  • Guide them with compassion
  • Use positive language YES AND as opposed to Yes But, or No But
  • Smile and make them feel relaxed
  • Thank them for their contribution to the meeting / team / work / business
  • Do not put-off (again) the next one to one meeting you have with a member of your team
  • Encourage them to explore new ideas
  • Role Model – Show them that you are the type of caring manager they would like to become
  • Remember that every person is a unique entity

I Hope this inspires you to really make a difference to someone else today

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