Philip Holder

Phil has held senior roles as Director of Learning and Head of Leadership & Management with the largest UK training business.  He has run independently owned: Recruitment, Training, Consulting and Organisational Development companies, all of which have provided bespoke HR solutions and services to companies throughout the world.

For more than twenty-five years, Philip has been inspiring delegates by assisting them in understanding and developing the so-called ‘softer aspects’ of Business, Management and Leadership.  Following extensive research in the field of Behavioural Science, he became an early authority on Emotional Intelligence. He created one of the first, full profile based assessments of EI originally called MindScapability, which was adopted and used by many leading global organisations, now updated and renamed as PEIP (Personal Emotional Intelligence Profiling).

Phil is author of  EI² – Emotional Intelligence Squared, which takes the reader through a journey of self-discovery and personal Improvement.  In the book, he has created a unique learning environment where the reader can understand Emotional Intelligence from their own experience and perspective, rather than from purely an academic standpoint. Then using PIEP the reader is able to identify precisely where their level of EI is against forty-two unique EI dimensions.  The second part of the book then goes on to help the reader develop those capabilities which will ultimately heighten their Emotional Intelligence.

Customer Testimonials

“I had reached a plateau in my career, where further promotion was unlikely.  From understanding the Impact that my Emotional Intelligence had on others, I was able to progress through some limiting beliefs, take immediate action in those areas which had laid dormant for a while and thereby provide me with a reliable platform in my career to move forwards and upwards.  If you are ready for a real-life change, I highly recommended this course as a way to meet that challenge. Be brave and go for it, as you will not be disappointed!” Denise Farquharson, Corporate Safety Manager HS2

“I hold Phil in the highest regard. I found him to be warm, highly intuitive and a consummate professional. His subject matter expertise collected through his own experiences and that of his profession is admirable. Phil helped me at the time focus my career on my core strengths, and I have found this to be of value long after the sessions concluded. Phil’s work cannot be underestimated, to both the employer and employee. Thank you, Phil, it was a pleasure and a privilege. I highly recommend it.” Sharon Blakemore, Senior Public Sector Account Executive, Dell Technologies.

“Phil worked with both our new management team and with us as individuals using his EI material. His innovative and insightful approach delivers far better results than everyday sales training. It is so much more valuable. An engaging way to learn about how language, behaviour and personal style can impact on results” Malcolm Allen, Head of Sales, Exception.

Phil balances coaching and facilitation with his own extensive experience and research to deliver fast-paced and high-value executive development. Recognising that the success of most businesses today is about the performance and capability of staff, Phil uses his deep understanding of people to provide practical tools that support managers to motivate, develop and raise the performance of their teams.” Ben Pike,  (Managing Director, QA Apprenticeships)