A Brief Introduction


We are commercial people ourselves with decades of experience who believe in helping clients achieve success in their business, in their own way and on their own terms!

We encourage an open, less formal approach when we work, which we believe enables us to get to know you and your people before finding new ways to improve or transform whichever part of your business might need that little tweak.

We’ve been around the block a few times over the past quarter of a century and have contributed to the success of many of the worlds largest (and smallest) companies.

We have been at the sharp edge of senior leadership ourselves, we know what works and does not work in business, especially when it comes to creating a healthy balance sheet, because we have had to put what we advise into practice, make the same decisions and avoid many of the same mistakes ourselves.

People are at the heart of every great business, which is why we often combine learning with an innovative commercial transformation process. Our clients gain the best of both worlds, ensuring their business continues to thrive whilst all staff are fully aligned with the capability required to ensure future success.

Philip is the author of Discover Your Emotional Intelligence  (Published by Pearson)

Which takes the reader through a journey of self-discovery and personal development.

In the book, he has created a unique learning environment where the reader can understand Emotional Intelligence from their own experience and perspective, and by using the PEIP assessment (which is also available on this site), the reader can identify precisely where their level of EI is against forty-two unique EI dimensions.

The second part of the book enables the reader to develop their capability across each one of these.

Philip Holder

Philip uses deep insight to plan, develop, and implement commercial strategies which create new opportunities that reflect business objectives and priorities.

Typically, these strategies focus on maximising profit, generating revenue, and creating sustainable growth. While ensuring the market fit for products and services is based on current sector trends and anticipated future market changes.

Delivering a unique range of highly Innovative ‘SMART’ Commercial Transformation and Growth Strategies to small and medium-sized companies throughout the UK, Philip uses a proven capability to generate outstanding results through applying (although not limited to) all of the following approaches:


Interprets financial and non-financial data to gain a detailed insight into the business. Identifies opportunities that create strategic relationships, increase sales, improve performance, and solve business problems. Monitors and applies relevant legislation, policies, and procedures.


Identifies and manages risk for the best interests of all stakeholders. Prepares, presents, and implements business plans. Provides advice that adds financial value and gains a competitive advantage.

Leadership & Management

Advises on the ‘people agenda’, refines talent, improves cross-functional learning capability. Increases behavioural, attitudinal and skill capability through targeted learning interventions. Evaluates strategies that ensure ‘best practice’ internal controls adhere to governance and structures that protect all stakeholders’ long-term interests.

Stakeholder Relationship Management

Aligns strategic objectives with stakeholder needs and manages their expectations. Positively develops relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Uses emerging technologies to collaborate and communicate with stakeholder communities.

Strategy & Innovation

Evaluates, justifies, and implements suitable strategic options, applying business acumen and commercial awareness to deliver business objectives. Identifies new approaches to implement a strategy that improves efficiency, reduces cost, manages change, and increases bottom-line profit.

Sales & Marketing

Interprets market and trend analysis to identify new niches for product or service offering. Uses market data to align operational targets with specific (KPI) Key Performance Indicators. Realigns branding with market relevance and current/future organisational prospects. Develops organisational behaviours, attitudes, and capabilities to ensure sustained sales growth.

& Co.

We have some of the most talented transformation consultants and trainers working with us to help inspire, engage, develop and enhance the performance of our clients. Their backgrounds come in all shapes and sizes which enables us to ensure that we only select the most relevant capability to fit precisely with your organisation’s exacting requirements.

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