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We are firm believers that for any form of assessment to be really effective, it needs to be owned, interpreted and contextualised by the client/s themselves, illuminating where improvements should be made and ensuring that resources are efficiently aligned to gain the best results across all areas of the business.


We use advanced tools and techniques to diagnose exactly where current or potential issues may exist. Regardless of whether they are people related, process or performance-related, we will always put the capability in place to resolve or improve them.

Emotional Intelligence & Psychometrics
Leadership & Management Capability
Business Specific Competencies

No matter how small or large the organisation, we guarantee to raise the performance of the company you keep.

“Phil’s ability to provide quality solutions in a market where many promise and few truly deliver has been our reason for using his services repeatedly. This is highlighted by his high energy, and ability to understand complex situations.” – Ross Barnard,  former HR Director – Visa (CEMA)

Emotional Intelligence & Psychometrics

We use our own unique Emotional Intelligence assessment platform (PEIP) and PRISM Brain Mapping – HR professionals across the globe highly regard both.  These powerful tools each have online assessment capability and can be fully administered by the client themselves under a training/usage license.

Additionally, We provide many traditional personality/type assessment tools such as Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), Myers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI), Strength Finder, (SF) 16 Personality Factor (16PF), plus a full range of career-specific, role-specific or behaviour- specific recruitment and assessment tools.

Leadership & Management Capability

We use a proven Management Capability Assessment Framework (MCAF) combined with a tailored 360-degree assessment process to ascertain both management and leadership capability before determining which personal or team development approach will achieve the best results.

Business Specific Competencies

We can either work alongside you to create business-specific competencies or work with your existing competency framework to develop powerful Key Performance Indicator (KPI) based and Management by objectives (MBO) performance management and assessment frameworks to measure, track then help improve the performance across every aspect of a clients business.

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