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Business Diagnosis

Just like in medicine, a business needs to understand all the elements which relate to its current situation or condition.  We provide some of the most advanced tools and techniques, which enable us to diagnose exactly where any issue or potential problem may exist, and irrespective of whether they are people related, performance, structure, systems, process, methodology, sales or marketing-related, we then put the capability in place to resolve or improve them.


We never work in isolation, as we are firm believers that for any form of assessment to be effective, it needs to be owned, interpreted and then contextualised by the client themselves, illuminating where any changes or improvements should be made as well as ensuring that resources are efficiently aligned to gain the best results across areas of the business.



We use the most advanced people specific profiling tools available today, such as PEIP – our own unique Emotional Intelligence assessment platform – and PRISM Brain Mapping – Both are industry-leading and highly regarded by HR professionals across the globe.  These powerful tools both have on-line assessment capability as well as potentially being fully administered by the client themselves under our full training/usage license.

We also provide many of the more traditional personality/type assessment tools such as Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), Myers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI), Strength Finder, (SF) 16 Personality Factor (16PF) as well as a full range of career-specific, role-specific or behaviour- specific recruitment assessment tools.


We understand the importance of ensuring that systems and processes function seamlessly throughout an organisation for it to function well.  That is why we use a range of different resources which include, although is definitely not limited to Value-Added, Critical Path, Customer requirements, Pareto, Process, Cultural Factor, Root cause and cultural factor analysis.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI),  Management by objectives (MBO) and Performance management frameworks are just some of the tools we use to measure, track then help improve the performance across every aspect of a clients business, no matter how small or large the business, we guarantee to raise the performance of the company.

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