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Increasing Potential With ‘Action-Orientated’ Learning

We work alongside your teams whilst they are doing their day to day job because it enables us, when relevant, to provide instant feedback, specific coaching, advice and guidance, to ensure that they remain on track and perform their function to the best of their capability.

When particular skills, knowledge, or specific capabilities are absent, we then create bespoke ‘mini bursts’ of inspiration and learning, which is tailored precisely to the individual and or teams requirements at the time and can then be delivered quickly with a minimal impact on business-as-usual.

Management Development

Fortunately, gone are the days of more traditional management training, where people have to be absent from work to attend on or off-line courses, which may or may not have any return on investment!

Through applied action-orientated learning, managers learn hands-on how to manage effectively under the mentorship, guidance and supervision of a respected and highly experienced senior leader.

All managers are different. Each person has a unique style and individual capabilities, so rather than sheep dipping a whole team with various courses, we believe in tailoring development specifically for each individual. Guiding and shaping their unique potential whilst they are working is cost-effective and proven to deliver outstanding management capability.

Executive Development Using Our Unique Approach.

Whether your Executive Team require individual Mentoring, One-to-One or even whole Team-Based Coaching, we have it covered.
We have access to some of the most highly respected and experienced senior-level executive coaches, who have cut their teeth working in senior roles within global corporations.
None of our executive coaches and trainers has less than 1,000 hours of fully documented and supervised coaching experience.  This ensures that they bring real business acumen and proven capability to each relationship.

Why is action-orientated learning necessary?

The majority of senior leaders in most companies realistically have neither the time, resource or the relevant expertise in delivering effective action-orientated learning and coaching. Of course, we all believe that leaders should be coaching and mentoring and developing their direct reports and managers as part of their role,  yet we also know that unless these leaders have the luxury of a large corporation behind them, their own day-to-day role or function will often get in the way and restrict their effectiveness.

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