Change Management

Change Management has become one of the most critical success factors for any business in today’s ever-changing world!

There is no such thing as business as usual (BAU) anymore. The business world is changing fast. Technology is evolving quicker than ever; customer trends constantly adapt to changing conditions,  market regulations force businesses to adjust, and we must cope with unprecedented global crises that appear to happen even more regularly.

Change management is the systematic approach that enables a business to effectively navigate and deal with the transitions and transformations required across different markets, processes and technologies.

The four most common types of organisational change I help clients with are:

  1. Developmental – Change that improve and optimise previously established processes, strategies and procedures.
  2. TransitionalChanges that move an organisation from its current state to a new form to solve problems, such as mergers and acquisitions and automation.
  3. Transformational – Changes that radically and fundamentally alter the culture, core values and overall operation of the business.
  4. Crisis management – When operational parameters shift immediately due to changes outside of contingency planning.