Process Mapping

A process map is a planning and management tool that visually describes the flow of work. 

Process maps show a series of events that produce a result. A process map is also called a  functional process chart.

A Process Map shows who and what is involved in a process. It can be used in any business or organisation and often reveals areas where a function is broken or should be improved.

The purpose of process mapping is for businesses to improve efficiency. Process maps provide insight into system designs; they help teams brainstorm ideas for process improvement, increase communication and provide accurate documentation. 

Process Maps are not just reserved for manufacturing companies!

I use Mimic-Ai™ to identify bottlenecks, repetition and delays across all aspects of any business. It helps me define process boundaries, ownership, and responsibilities and effectively helps me measure process metrics and KPIs.

Mimic-Ai™ also spotlights waste, streamlines work processes, and builds understanding by allowing me to visually communicate the essential details of a process rather than writing extensive directions.