How the PEIP Self-Assessment works

Following extensive research, we identified six levels of emotional efficacy across many of the most common dynamic ranges of human interaction and behaviour.  (These levels are deliberately not restricted to any age or role specifics, making them relevant to everyone, at all stages in our life).

The PEIP assessment uses these six levels as a basis of measurement across three sub-categories in each of the fourteen emotional Intelligence dimensions, relating directly to each of the chapters we cover in “Discover Your Emotional Intelligence”Improve Your Personal and Professional Impact  – by Philip Holder, published by Person Books.

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The PEIP once completed, will provide you with an accurate overview of the current level of your emotional intelligence across each one of those forty-two elements.

Because the assessment of your emotional intelligence quite literally needs to reflect the ebb and flow of your life; it is, therefore,  best to regard it as a basis for how things are at the moment.

As your EI develops and your circumstances change, it will be worthwhile coming back to the PEIP to check in from time to time, so that you can measure the progress you are making, or discover what elements are holding you back when as inevitably various aspects of your life will change.

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