Executive Coaching

Coaching others is a collaborative process using specific questions and answers to create an internal frame of reference toward a potentially different way of doing or understanding things…

The reason why coaching works so much better than simple instruction is down to our physical neurology. New learning pathways must be established and tested in our brains before they finally become embedded in our subconscious.

We can’t create those new pathways externally; they must be self-induced and relevant to our existing thought process or, at the very least, will become relevant after practice and experience.

I believe that coaching should be an inherent skill of all management and not just restricted to internal HR professionals or outsourced through any particular provider.  To this end, as well as providing 1:1 coaching, I provide individual and whole team coaching skills training.

Virtual Coaching

These days, especially since the coronavirus outbreak, coaching does not have to be face-to-face; I provide many of my clients with a virtual coaching facility, which not only reduces time, travel and costs, it also enables a far more responsive and sometimes even a more immediate solution.