Top Ten PRISM Outputs

1. Emotional Intelligence

Job experience and IQ certainly have their place, but neither of these factors holds more sway in the realm of job performance than a person’s ability to understand and manage his or her own emotions and those of other people. PRISM measures an individual’s personal preferences and can help an individual achieve greater success at work.

2. Team Building

PRISM Brain Mapping does not only map a team’s Behavioural strengths, it can also assist leaders to diagnose a team’s performance and identify areas for improvement. As the team matures, PRISM Brain Mapping will enable each individual to develop new strengths and compensating strategies to enhance team performance.

3. Organisational Culture Mapping

PRISM provides a simple-to-use tool to map organisational culture and values. A significant increase in business performance can be achieved where a positive and aligned culture exists. The destructive influence of recruiting someone who does not share the same set of values, goals and commitment espoused by the organisation will weaken a strong chain of links and bonds. A good cultural alignment is essential as many employees leave their companies because of personality clashes or because they do not feel valued by the organisation.

4. Effective Recruitment

Recruitment need not be so arbitrary – it can be scientific. PRISM identifies Behavioural preferences that may otherwise be overlooked in a standard interview and so directs attention to differences between what a person is comfortable doing and what the job requires if excellent performance is to be achieved. PRISM makes it possible to align performance with the organisation’s goals as well as promoting more effective business success.

5. Executive Coaching

Just as people of different behavioural preferences accomplish work and communicate in different ways, they also have specific preferences on how to be coached. Using PRISM, coaching professionals and managers can better tailor their language, strategies, and goals to be in alignment with an individual’s behavioural preferences or preferred ways of working.

6. Leadership Behaviours

Some of the behaviours that get people promoted are the very same ones that they need to either modify or manage more effectively when they become leaders. PRISM Brain Mapping helps leaders identify their key behavioural preferences and how they need to be modified or adapted at times to achieve the best results from individuals within their team.

7. Team Performance Indicator

The PRISM Team Performance Indicator is a powerful, web-based tool for identifying and enhancing the performance of a team. It uses anonymous, objective feedback from team members and others to measure how effectively a team is working and to identify and prioritise areas for improvement.

8. Managing Conflict

PRISM helps to manage conflict by measuring and mapping personal preferences to communicate and to work. When we learn effectively to manage and resolve conflicts with others, then more opportunities for successful relationships are available to us. Most people are willing and interested in resolving their conflicts; they just need the appropriate tools, skill set and opportunities.

9. Sales Enhancement

Customers buy when they feel understood. So, the successful salesperson shows customers that he or she understands them by giving them what they expect or more. PRISM helps salespeople to identify the customer’s Behavioural preferences and needs and establish rapport with them more effectively.

10. 360-Degree Feedback

The PRISM 360 enables an individual to obtain an insight into how up to 20 others see their actual behaviours on a day-to-day basis. In addition, PRISM enables users to include either generic or in-house competency and to correlate those competencies with a candidate’s behavioural preferences. PRISM uses highly visual graphic outputs to facilitate effective understanding.

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