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Agile CRM is (normally) a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution. It provides contact management, sales, appointment scheduling, marketing, and project/programme management automation.

In many cases, CRM systems can be fully integrated with supply chain management (SCM) systems to provide an end-to-end customer relationship journey.


Returns are associated with managing all returns of defective products, including identifying the product condition, authorising and scheduling product shipments, replacing defective products and providing refunds.

Returns also include “end-of-life” products (those at the end of their product life and a vendor will no longer be marketing, selling, or promoting a particular product and may also be limiting or ending support for the product).

Managing Returns using an agile approach includes:

  • Monitoring performance and costs.
  • Managing inventory of returned products.
  • Reducing waste through quality Improvements.
  • Constantly utilising returns data to improve manufacturing and service.