Ensuring that customer demand is always met by making your supply chain as efficient and effective as possible.


An agile supply chain management process starts with creating a detailed demand plan based on a statistical forecast that considers factors influencing current demand, such as inventory, production schedules, sales and marketing, and specifies where to distribute products to meet that anticipated demand.

The demand plan then feeds the next steps in the supply chain planning process:

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP).
  • Production Planning.


An agile sourcing framework review may include developing or reviewing the product specifications, receipt and processing of requisitions, advertising for bids, bid evaluation, award of supply contracts, an inspection of goods received, and their appropriate storage and release. 

The primary objectives of an agile sourcing framework review are to:
  1. Maintain the quality and value of a company’s products
  2. Minimise cash tied up in inventory
  3. Maintain the flow of inputs to ensure  the flow of outputs
  4. Strengthen the organisation’s competitive position.
  5. Outline potential operational process bottlenecks