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Changing From A Caterpillar…

A business transformation plan covers a lot more than just ensuring that the right people are doing the right job with the right skills in the right way. It requires a deep level of business insight, which sits behind the capabilities of the individuals involved. It must be the enabling factor from which future decisions are made, it should consider every element that will ensure the companies increased success and profitability.

We combine a 360-degree review with our unique business analysis framework to gather all the existing data before using it to work with you to help define what a successful business transformation plan would look like. We know time is often of the essence in these things, which is why we ensure that each part of this data gathering process is as fast, efficient and as painless as possible.

How We Typically Work:

1. Free (Informal) Consultation Process

  • Define objectives
  • Understand the situation
  • Identify any quick wins
  • Undertake a preformative business review

2. Produce initial outline report and contract

  • Identifies the transformation opportunities
  • Outlines our approach for each element
  • Set expectations
  • Agrees on next steps

3. Formal Consultation Process

  • Understand Strategic Goals and objectives – short, medium, and long-term
  • Internal discovery and discussion with all staff levels
  • Understanding the financials – deep dive into all areas of Finance – P&L, creditor and debtors accounts etc.
  • Internal/external research – markets, competitors, supporters/detractors/opportunities/threats
  • Formative operational project & programme management, e.g. AGILE/LEAN process analysis, workflows, JIT reporting, KPI’s, etc.
  • Review operational processes and reporting procedures.
  • Production controls, processes and procedures (if relevant)
  • Formative HR review – people, capacity, capabilities, performance, reporting, management, succession planning, staff surveys, etc.
  • Understand their Commercial Management methodology
  • Quality controls and processes
  • Business contingency planning

4. Feedback and Action

  • Deliver formal report
  • Business strategy alignment
  • How to deliver the improvement plan
  • Detailed implementation actions, stages, processes and timescales

5. Implementation

  • Devise, support and implement new structures, processes, procedures and methodologies where required.
  • Support staff through changes in working patterns/rituals/knowledge/procedures
  • Deliver Innovative L&D workplace specific learning interventions to grow knowledge and skill
  • Coach 1:1 and via team-based learning interventions to bring about positive behavioural changes.
  • Support Directors and Shareholders

6. Extension or closure

  • Review improvements
  • Evaluate impact

“I have known Philip for over ten years both personally and professionally. He is one of the most dedicated consultants in the marketplace. He combines his passion for people development with an outstanding record of achievement in business transformation and an ability to get stuck into the thick of even the most complex situations with his ability to provide high-level guidance and support. Equally at home working one to one or engaging and developing a multifaceted team of high level ‘Talented’ people. I would absolutely recommend him to any organisation looking to improve their overall performance and make a difference.” john Haskins – Chairman – Screen4 Bahrain,

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